Harness Your Courage

on September 26, 2019 by Evolutions

We all have an image in our mind of our most courageous self. The person that can walk through metaphorical fires with ease and without doubts. The person who challenges each obstacle with unwavering confidence and courage. The person who doesn’t have any fears to address.

In reality, however, our courageous self doesn’t have to possess this seemingly unattainable self-assurance. Courage doesn’t mean facing your roadblocks and decisions without any fears or doubts. It means recognizing them, but choosing to move forward anyway. It means working past what could have potentially held you back, despite what may or may not happen.

Fear will always be present. It is important to note that some fear is healthy – it keeps us from making decisions that can put us in danger. But beyond that, even if you are no longer fearful of something that terrified you a year ago, there is surely a new obstacle and accompanying fear that has popped up in your life. “What-ifs” and worries will always creep up with new challenges. It is how you choose to handle them that exhibits your courage.

Courage isn’t about living fearlessly, without any worry in the world. It is about building the strength to tackle each new fear as it comes into your life, and moving through them to become your best self. It is embracing your challenges, and persevering your way through them, rather than running away and letting them dictate your decisions.


How You Can Access Your Courageous Side

We each have a courageous self inside of us. We just need to work to cultivate and strengthen that courage, so that we can face our obstacles with bravery, rather than be influenced by our fears. While each individual has their own unique ways to tap into and strengthen their courage, some helpful methods include the following.

  •       Identify past fear-based behaviors. How have you allowed fear to influence past decisions? You may recognize that certain patterns have developed over the years. You may have chosen to stay in your comfort zone time and time again, or repeatedly self-sabotaged your chances at past opportunities. When you identify these patterns, you can work towards retraining yourself to take courageous actions in the future.
  •       Work through limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are fear’s partners in crime. They work in tandem to hold us back from what we really can achieve. Take a look at the stories you tell yourself, and determine if they are keeping you from accessing your courageous side.
  •       Don’t allow failures to hold you back. Just because you’ve failed at something once, it doesn’t mean you are destined to fail again. Failures exist to serve as lessons. Take what you’ve learned from your past missteps, and use those lessons to reignite your courage.
  •       Get support from family and friends. Sometimes, we need a little extra encouragement to move towards the decisions and actions that scare us. Turn to trusted family members and friends that can give you the extra boost that you need.

Courage doesn’t just show up overnight. It takes mindful practice to truly strengthen our courage and tap into our bravery. By working to access your courageous side, you’ll find that, over time, you will lead a life of bold actions, rather than fear-based choices.

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