Lightness of Being: Free Your Mind

on August 13, 2019 by Evolutions
inner light

We are all born with an inner light. This light is our purest, truest expression of self, and we all have the ability, and the right, to let that light emerge. For most of us, however, that light gets dimmed over time, becoming deeply hidden within ourselves. It can get covered by self-doubt, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, or stresses in our lives. While the light might not always be as bright as it was when we were born, we can use mindfulness to stoke the flame and bring it back to the surface.

Being present is the key that allows us to recognize our true self and our true inner light.

It allows us to break through limiting beliefs, structures of thought that have been built around us, and the stories we have heard and told. By creating space in the moment, we can peel back those layers of who we think we are, or what we’ve been told we are. Instead, we can find who we truly are, and connect to our true inner light.

When we are fully present, our minds can’t be carried away by our stresses or worries. All of those things that weigh us down? If we can let them go, free our minds of worry, and fully embrace the present, we can let that inner light shine brightly.

Presence gives us the opportunity to recognize what actually exists within us in this very moment. Mindfulness is simply the act of being present, and in this state of being, we can actively connect to our inner light.

inner light meditation

While the act of being present is simple, there are challenges that make it difficult to access this state of being. It isn’t easy to break down walls that we have spent our lives building up, and it isn’t always easy to let go of the past and future. While we all have the power to be present at any given moment, this state of being might not always seem accessible. It may at times feel difficult to access the state of being present, but when we do finally find the practices that allow us to be fully mindful, the results are transformational.

Presence allows us to observe our state of being in the moment. We can recognize our authentic inner light, and react mindfully, and with intention, to the world around us from that space. When we are inhabiting the moment at hand, we are able to truly recognize the light that exists in the world around us—the beauty and wonder in all of the elements, both small and large.

Bringing mindfulness and presence to your life isn’t a selfish act—in fact, it is incredibly selfless. When we act as our truest selves, we inspire others to do the same. By being in the moment, you create a ripple effect that influences those around you and your community at large.

We all possess an inner light within ourselves. Don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to fully embrace it and let it shine through all aspects of your life.

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