Carrie Schwerdtfeger

Carrie Schwerdtfeger

Personal Training

Carrie specializes in bringing optimal mobility and function to her clients. Carrie’s philosophy is to focus on fascial connections when training and stretching her clients. ”The human body moves as a functional whole, with the muscles and surrounding connective tissue working together, so we need to train and stretch the same way.” When training her clients, Carrie focuses on functional, multi joint movements that will increase strength and mobility. Carrie has worked with many ages and levels including amateur athletes of all ages, professional athletes, and the baby boomers seeking to increase longevity in their lives. Whether your goal is to increase athletic performance, increase range of motion after an injury, or just improve your quality of life, Carrie will help her clients reach maximal results.

Running, weight training, and swimming are the core of Carrie’s training regiment. “I believe running and swimming keep my body in the most optimal physical and mental state, which allows me to prosper in every other aspect of my life.” As a volunteer coach for “Girls On The Run,” Carrie helps young girls achieve the same.


B.S. Exercise Science, Frostburg State University ’97

Fascial Stretch Specialist, Stretch To Win Institute since 2007

ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2000


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