Cheri Collyer

Cheri Collyer

Personal Fitness Trainer

Cheri has been involved in fitness since High School. She got her certification to become a Personal Fitness Trainer in 2000 when she realized the difference she could make in others lives. She does this by showing clients that no matter what obstacles get in the way they can rise above and reach their goals through hard work, persistence, and a belief that they can accomplish whatever they strive for.

Cheri was born in Austin, Texas and grew up in a household with a loving mother, who was a terrific cook (not always healthy) and a Father who was a dedicated fitness enthusiast who lifted and ran over 50 marathons. She moved to Maryland as a young child and later started training here in Annapolis, where she joined the Annapolis Striders and competed in several marathons, and shorter runs. She has placed in two natural bodybuilding shows and worked in several personal training studios. Eventually she started her own business while moving with her husband out of state. Finally she has returned to what she calls home.

She loves training people of all ages. She is the mother of 4 children and 2 grandchildren. She understands the stresses of trying to make time to workout with all of life’s daily chores, but knows it can be done. She finds the most fulfillment out of her clients’ accomplishments. Fitness has gotten her through many hard times and is something she loves to share with others. Cheri says, “if you make it fun, it will give you the strength, energy and confidence to help you through all life has to throw at you, good and bad.”



NABF (Trainer, Nutrition Tech)

NESTA CPR, AED Certified, 21 years experience, 14 years certified.