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Chris Burkhardt

Chris is an ACE certified personal trainer with a passion for the transformative power of fitness. While she earned her Bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Maryland, she has been enthusiastic about learning the latest research on exercise science and sharing her passion with others about the importance of health and wellness for years. To Chris, physical activity is an important, meaningful part of daily living.

Chris believes that it is never too late to realize your full potential, regardless of age. She focuses on a well-rounded approach and finds that when you start to feel strong physically, you ultimately feel empowered in other aspects of your life.  She loves motivating and empowering individuals with the confidence to challenge themselves continually. Chris employs a strong emphasis on personalized fitness programs that are enjoyable for individuals who want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Overall, Chris believes that every client has their own unique goals, so whether you’re a beginner or an athlete, she enjoys inspiring, educating, and encouraging clients towards their goals.

As a former fitness competitor, a wife, a mother of two teenagers, and a professional, Chris understands how challenging it can be to consistently live a healthy lifestyle. She knows from her own experience, that with the right plan and support, you can reach your goals.


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