Eric Collyer

My fitness journey began in College while playing Baseball and Football. The weight room became my second home. Shortly after college, I became a Certified Personal Trainer working at various gyms in Annapolis. I built my clientele to the point that I started my own personal training business at age 21. I have always practiced Martial Arts. I studied various systems Hapkido, CDT and Mixed Martial Arts. In 2001 I competed in the WOMAA federation World Championships. I competed in the full contact fighting divisions which I received two Silver Medals.  September 11th of 2001 my whole world changed. After the events of 9/11 I needed to serve my country. I joined the USMC and for the next nine years I served in specialized units on multiple deployments in the Middle East. My units were held to the highest physical fitness standards and I made sure my Marines always met them!  After my time in the USMC I traveled the world training specialized units in tactics for five years. I conducted private security contracting for the past four years. I realized it is time to come back to the one true passion that started it all. The call to help people be the best version of themselves they can be. I still teach Self- defense and firearms but my true calling is in the weight room where the real battle is fought. I don’t quit. I never give up and I guarantee I’ll work just as hard as you accomplish your goals!


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