Kelly Doub

Kelly Doub

Power Pilates Certified Teacher

Kelly is a Power Pilates Certified Teacher with almost a decade of experience. Empowering her clients is what inspires her to teach and nothing gives her greater pleasure than to introduce someone to Pilates, “Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to take a raw beginner and introduce him/her to Pilates. In just a few weeks, they turn that first corner of body awareness…strength and flexibility are not far behind.”

She moved to Annapolis eight years ago from Cape Cod. She owned and operated women’s clothing boutiques in both Cape Cod and Newport, Rhode Island. Before that, she lived in Vail, Colorado where she skied over 100 days out of the year!

She lives in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood of Annapolis with her husband raising five teenagers, three dogs and a cat. She has an eye for design and enjoys traveling to large cities such as New York and Boston to explore the cities’ shopping districts and art museums.


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