Kelly Doub

Kelly Doub

Power Pilates Certified Teacher

Kelly is a Power Pilates Certified Teacher with over 15 years of experience, a Barre teacher/trainer/director for over 8 years (apprenticed with Pure Body, Michigan) and most recently a Yoga Instructor – 2 years (RYT 400 hours). Empowering her clients is what inspires her to teach and nothing gives her greater pleasure than giving someone the tools to redefine their possibility of health. “Take a raw beginner and introduce him/her to healing movement, watch them turn that first corner of body awareness…knowing that strength and flexibility are not far behind…that’s everything.”

Kelly teaches creative, inspiring classes and nurtures private clients to their full potential, all with a sense of joy and authenticity.

She moved to Annapolis sixteen years ago from Cape Cod. She owned and operated women’s show boutiques in both Cape Cod and Newport, Rhode Island. Before that, she lived in Vail, Colorado where she skied over 100 days of the year for seven seasons!

She lives in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood of Annapolis with her husband recently empty nesters, who now enjoy travel! Ask her about her month in India!