Pam Blum

Pam Blum

Director of Programming. Yoga Instructor.

Pam is a highly accomplished Group Fitness Leader with more than 25 years of background rich in knowledge, experience and a dedication to wellness. Her current passion is primarily teaching yoga, cycling, TRX and Resist-a-Ball® helping to guide clients through classes or sessions that provide opportunities to, “explore how truly magnificent our bodies really are; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.” She has a special affection for beginners, obese, chronically injured and de-conditioned clients because it’s never too late to start to move and there are always options available to choose to feel better in our bodies and in our lives.

Pam is an AFAA and ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor, Master Trainer for Spinning® and Resist-a-Ball®, and has the completed Yoga Teacher 500 hour level certification in the Pranakriya tradition with an emphasis in yoga therapy and philosophy. She very much enjoys her role as Director of Programming, sincerely jumping at the challenge of coordinating instructors, participants, preference, times and predicting trends to keep everyone fresh, happy and actively pursuing their personal fitness and professional goals.

When not in the studio, Pam prefers quiet times contemplating, reading, cycling, “chillaxing” with her family and friends, or meandering out west with her husband.


IDEA Member
Registered Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance


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