Vinyasa Yin Yoga: A powerful pairing and how it helps you!

on February 1, 2018 by Pam Blum
Vinyasa Yin Yoga at Evolutions Annapolis

It’s pretty accurate to say that yoga has taken the country by storm. It’s apparent in the growth of yoga studios, companies specializing in yoga gear, the integration of yoga/meditation with medical institutions and in primary schools. Fascinating for a practice that’s a few thousand years old, we still haven’t deleted it. We’ve modified it to meet our current needs and that’s the beauty. It’s so malleable; there’s a flavor (i.e. style or tradition) for everybody and it works. So if you haven’t explored yoga or found a style that has you coming back for more, check out this powerful duo, Vinyasa Yin Yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is one of the most popular styles these days; it translates to “to place in a special way”. It’s a seamless flow of movement that offers an opportunity to ‘ride your breath’ and therefore focus your mind while challenging your body. After becoming familiar with the basic postures, they’re linked together in a fluid manner that is a celebration of moving, breathing and feeling the total presence, ease and effort simultaneously. The emphasis is on synchronizing movement with breath to create a smooth, strong and mesmerizing experience.

Yin Yoga

Another form of yoga that is on the rise is Yin. A wonderful antidote for our over-stimulated, over-booked, chaotic days; yin is in. It works deep inside, beneath the superficial muscles, targeting joints and connective tissue with long holds combined with breath work and meditation. This deep practice is gentle, yet intense, helping to increase the range of motion and stimulate energy flow. Emotionally, yin yoga enhances our ability to stay with our experiences, in stillness, as they are without trying to change them but instead just watching and feeling.

Put them Together

Together, you have Vinyasa Yin Yoga, a powerful pairing. The yin style of long-held passive poses opens the body to more flexibility and energy flow while also encouraging a more contemplative non-reactive quality of mind.  The dynamic yang style of vinyasa flow helps strengthen and invigorate the body and mind. Are you curious? Great! That’s a big part of yoga, join us in the studio!