Seeking an Abundant Mindset

on October 24, 2019 by Evolutions

True abundance isn’t luxurious material goods and overwhelming wealth. It is a mindset, a way through which we view the world and recognize all that we already have within us. An abundant mindset happens when we realize that what we are and what we have is exactly what we need. It means realizing that we are enough.

An abundant mindset takes us out of the framework of lack.

When we tap into an abundant mindset, we aren’t driven by the fears of scarcity that surround physical items or opportunities. We live by the belief that we have enough and are enough to achieve all that we want in the world. We start to see the wealth of opportunities around us, rather than suffer in a limited mindset.

Of course, it sounds wonderful to escape a lack mentality and move into an abundant mindset. But how does someone make that shift? While shifting to an abundant mindset takes consistent effort, especially when it comes to working through old negative beliefs that we’ve become accustomed to, you can make this move a reality by implementing some beneficial practices and habits.

Analyze Your Thought Patterns

We all have thought patterns and beliefs that have continuously looped in our minds for years. Some of these patterns do more harm than good. When you have a negative thought pop up – such as “I am not good enough/talented enough/smart enough to do XYZ” – take note of it.

Where did this belief come from? What can you do to shift it to a more productive, positive belief? Try writing these thoughts down in a journal to really work through the patterns and keep track of your progress. You can also think of affirmations that counteract some of these negative beliefs to inject more positive thought patterns into your life.


Listen to How You Speak

This goes hand in hand with your thought patterns. Notice how you talk to others about what you are capable of doing. Do you repeatedly say things like “there is no way I’d be able to achieve that,” even though you really want to? Bring attention to how you speak, and work towards making a shift to more abundant language.

Take Positive Actions Towards Fixing Problems

If you have an issue hanging over your head, don’t just let it eat away at you. Find an actionable step you can take towards fixing it. Even if you don’t immediately solve the problem, you’ll be taking positive action, and you’ll be working towards expansion and personal growth. You’ll feel more confident in your abilities to solve a problem, and you’ll show yourself that you control your destiny.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal shifts your focus onto all the wonderful things you have in your life. Your list can contain anything from the apple you had for breakfast to your supportive and caring family. Commit yourself to writing out a list of what you are grateful for on a daily basis. Do it first thing in the morning as a way to start your day with your mind centered around abundance, rather than slipping into old patterns around lack.

Tap Into Mindfulness

Any practice that will help you cultivate mindfulness will lead you towards more awareness of your thought patterns, words spoken, and deep-rooted beliefs. Implement a mindfulness practice into your daily routine, such as meditation, yoga, or a walk (without the distraction of your phone). These practices will help you dive inwards and become more aware of the language you use and the patterns you follow.

An abundant mindset resides in all of us, and everyone has the power to tap into it. With consistent practices and habits, you’ll be able to access that inner-peace and joy, and change the lens through which you see the world around you.

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