Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

After 10 years of providing 200-hour yoga teacher training in Annapolis, we are proud to offer Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings through the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts to continue and deepen your practice.

This is a fabulous complement to the comprehensive 200-hour training that Tina Lanzoni offered to the community in the past.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Evolutions Annapolis

Tina and our staff of dedicated, talented teachers have established Evolutions as a premier yoga studio in Annapolis. Now, our collaboration with Pranakriya is in perfect alignment with Erin Horst and Pam Blum’s vision to continue to expand our teacher training to include specialty and advanced skills like teaching restorative yoga, teaching kids yoga, advanced anatomy, teaching pranayama and more.

Pranakriya is a well established, comprehensive and highly respected school that will expand the offerings with multiple, expert Program Directors. It’s a wonderful partnership designed just for you, our yoga enthusiasts who strive to deepen your practice and expertise

Understanding the Koshas through the Practice of Yoga Nidra
with Tina Lanzoni

Saturday Dec. 2
11:00am - 1:00pm

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6 am Holiday Survival BBBC
with Nathlie King and Kelly Doub

Mon. - Sat.
Dec. 4 - 16

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200-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Pranakriya Yoga Teacher Training programs are solidly grounded and is meant for those who have a passion for their yoga practice. You will be encouraged to reflect physically, mentally, and emotionally in each pose.

Applicants must meet the following requirements to participate in the program:
- At least two years of yoga practice (at least six months of classes with a certified instructor).
- The ability to demonstrate an experiential understanding of yoga practice and its benefits.
- Able to use technology to view videos, complete homework, film at-home practice, and communicate with the instructor and group (training provided).

The Pranakriya Basic 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is registered with Yoga Alliance (YA) and meets or exceeds all of Yoga Alliance’s requirements for 200-hour teacher training programs.

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Make sure to list "Evolutions Annapolis" as your reference when registering!

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300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Pranakriya Yoga Teacher Training programs are solidly grounded and is meant for those who have a passion for their yoga practice. You will be encouraged to reflect physically, mentally, and emotionally in each pose.

Applicants must have completed an approved 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program.

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Make sure to list "Evolutions Annapolis" as your reference when registering!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there Cont Ed Credit?

  • YES! All the courses are eligible for continuing education credits through Yoga Alliance and most will fulfill the 300-hour requirements for those who are interested in completing that level of training.

Who may attend?

  • The courses are open for everyone to attend, as some may attend for self-enrichment. For example, the Immersions are courses many yoga participants may be interested in, it’s not exclusive to teachers.

Where can I learn more about Pranakriya school and courses?

What is the cancellation policy?

  • CURRENTLY WE ARE NOT HOSTING ANY IN PERSON PROGRAMS, HOWEVER, WHEN WE DO GO BACK TO LIVE TRAININGS: Please understand there are many factors involved in hosting, so if a program registrant cancels 3 weeks prior to the event, she/he will receive a full refund minus a $100 non-refundable administration fee; if the student cancels between 3 weeks and 1 week of the program, half of the tuition will be refunded minus the $100 non-refundable program fee; cancellations less than 1 week prior to the event are non-refundable.

Please share this information with your groups, colleagues, and anyone you think would be interested. Emphasize early registration! These courses are proven to over-deliver and exceed expectations.


About the Program Directors:

Shelbi Miles, C-IAYT, E-RYT-500, LMT, YACEP

Shelbi Miles, E-RYT 500 completed her 200 hour yoga training in the Kripalu and Pranakriya traditions and her 500 hour in the Pranakriya tradition with a focus in Yoga Therapy. She created and leads the Client Relationship: Cultivating Intuitive Presence, Boundaries & Ethics module and co-created and leads the Teaching Restorative Yoga Module for the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts.

Shelbi is a Licensed Massage Therapis (LMT), seeing clients solely for Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation at Crofton Yoga. She also holds certifications in Prenatal Yoga and Power Pilates beginner Mat. Her back ground in Psychology and her detailed knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology complement her fun loving and cheerful teaching style.

Shelbi has a strong sense of self and purpose and is passionate about sharing her understanding of the intuitive wisdom of the body and guiding others to use Yoga as a vehicle towards greater health and well being.


Emily Gretz, E-RYT-500, RCYT, YACEP

Emily brings a career in education and an entrepreneurial spirit to her role as yoga teacher. Emily is passionate about yoga’s benefits and is excited to share them with people of all ages and skill levels. Her teaching style highlights her strong interest and background in anatomy. She is co-director of the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts (PKYSHA) Musculosskeletal Assessment Program along with Laura Liberatore, Director of the PKSYHA 95 hr Childrens Yoga Training and holds both Bachelors Degree and Masters degrees from Loyola University MD.


Laura Liberatore Grayson, DPT, PT

Laura is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and and Area Director for Pivot Physical Therapy in Gambrills and Bowie. She is responsible for day to day clinic operations and hands on patient care.Laura specializes in manual therapy and treats a variety of orthopedic and neurological conditions in pediatrics through professional athletes. Laura is also a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, providing consultation to several professional athletes from the NBA, NHL and MLS. Laura incorporates her expertise in personal training, yoga and pilates into her Physical Therapy practice.


Yoganand Michael Carroll, E-RYT-500, YACEP

yoganand yoga teacher trainerYoganand founded Pranakriya Yoga in 2005. He is a Master-Level teacher in the Kripalu Yoga tradition. Through many years of intensive study and practice of Swami Kripalu’s work, Yoganand has gained a profound ability to distill and interpret esoteric yoga texts and techniques. After studying with Kripalu Yoga masters in India and America, Yoganand taught at the Kripalu Center for more than 15 years before founding Pranakriya Yoga, which he developed from the original teachings of Swami Kripalavandaji and reconfigured to meet the needs of Western yogis in today’s world without taking away from the ancient teachings.

Yoganand serves as the Founder and Dean of Curriculum for the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts leads training and retreats around the country and world and works to keep the history of Tantric Hatha Yoga alive. Students will find that Yoganand teaches from a place of deep experience and learning and that he shares his understanding in ways that allow them to cultivate and experience greater vitality in their own lives. Yoganand is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT500 level teacher and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists – IAYT.

Pam Blum, E-RYT-500, YACEP

Beginning with modern dance and aerobics in 1981, Pam brings a rich background of movement, depth of experience and width of exploration to her classes and sessions. She’s an accomplished group fitness leader with multiple certifications including ACE, AFAA, Functional Aging Specialist,  SPINPower, Power Pilates, CrossCore and TRX.  She is a Teacher Trainer for Spinning® and Resist-a-Ball®.  After practicing Ashtanga for 5 years, Pranakriya Yoga was the game-changer along Pam’s movement and health journey providing the key to true healing, a profound shift in re-defining wellness and ultimately infusing everything she teaches with greater awareness and pure joy of movement. She completed her 200 hour and 500 hour training with Pranakriya School of Yoga and Healing Arts with an emphasis on yoga therapy and philosophy. She serves on the PKSYHA curriculum committee.

Pam’s motto is “It’s never too late and there’re always possibilities.” With a special affection for beginners, obese, chronically injured and those pursuing longevity, Pam enjoys crafting options for everyone to embrace how we move, how we feel, how we think, how we struggle and how we find contentment in order to build greater degrees of confidence, energy and joy.  Pam is incredibly grateful to have studied with some incredibly gifted teachers to gather skills, she finds her clients also teach powerful lessons and inspire her to continually learn and squeeze the juice out of every moment on this amazing journey we are all on together.


Krissy Dopson, E-RYT-500, YACEP

Born in South Carolina and raised traveling around the globe, she is an wholehearted citizen of the world and spiritual adventurer. Krissy is a Parankriya Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), a Pranakriya Yoga Therapist, Pranakriya Prenatal Yoga Teacher, and an energy/body healer with a background in Thai Yoga Therapy and Bio Energy Healing.  Krissy has been teaching and practicing yoga since 2008.

Through yoga, she became more connected to her inner self — spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  Krissy found teaching yoga to be the vehicle through which she can share the exhilaration and positivity of her experience.  She leads transformational classes, one-on-one private sessions and workshops with practical ways to promote inner happiness and experience a glowing sensation.  Krissy’s intentions are to positively impact every person she encounters and make the world a better place, one yoga practice at a time.