About Evolutions

Evolutions is more than a health club. It is comprised of a group of highly trained individuals who have dedicated their careers to helping others become and stay healthy. We offer a non-intimidating environment to begin your journey or continue your journey to health. We focus on all parts of the person and believe that is the key to longevity.

Our Core Values

Our core values are a set of guiding principles that define all that we do.

They are part of Evolutions’ DNA. They are the foundation of our work and serve as a lens through which we aim to serve our members and the community.

  • Mindfulness: We strive to operate from a non-judgmental state of heightened awareness.
  • Wholeness: We aim to nurture the mind, body and soul. All are most important.
  • Kindness: We care, accept others and are open-hearted in all that we do.
  • Connection: We collaborate, taking time to deeply connect to the world around us.
  • Integrity: We uphold authenticity and stay true to our values and ideals.
  • Journey: We are ever-evolving, as we value practice and improvement over the destination.

Our Core Focus

Our core focus is what we do and why we do it.

To articulate this, we look at what services we offer and what makes us different from all others who offer similar services. We tend to take the position that our work with our members is not about fitness or nutrition or mindfulness separately, it’s about nurturing the holistic self.

“Inviting those on a purposeful journey to wellness and vitality.”

Mission & Vision

Evolutions was founded with the intention of creating an enjoyable place for people to thrive, work, flourish and become fully who they were meant to be.

In return a happy, highly qualified, well trained and well cared for staff creates a pleasurable experience for all who walk through the door of Evolutions. We believe in creating the most valuable services we can at the most competitive rates.  We believe in treating the whole person and not just the body.

We know that your body cannot change without incorporating nourishment for your spirit and engagement of the mind.

The community means a lot to us because we all work and live here.  We give back as much as we can in many different ways.  Allowing people to do what they do best with their own personality, spirit and ideas fosters a free and creative workplace which is pleasurable to be a part of.

All About Wellness

Wellness is about so much more than your body.

At Evolutions, we believe you must pay equal attention to your body, mind and spirit.  Each area of your life influences the other.  When you only focus on one area you typically fall out of balance.  We do our best to feed your spirit through our presence in our teaching, our attentive staff and our offerings in all areas.

Pay attention to the moment and you feed your spirit.

We believe in challenging your mind in all of our workouts.  Our teachers are here to teach and engage your mind in classes.  We will demonstrate as little as possible in classes so that you can listen, be present and use your mind.

Last but not least you must focus on your body.  It is the only vehicle we have to get us through life.

Taking care of your body and preserving it for a long and comfortable life is as important to us as it is to you.  The balance of body, mind, and spirit are always on our minds as we move through each day here at Evolutions.

“Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly.”
- Unknown Author