Kids’ Club

Evolutions Kids’ Club offers great programs and playtime for all babies, toddlers and children aged six weeks to 10 years old.

Working out provides you with space and time to get into your own zone and accomplish your fitness goals. But, in order to be truly in that zone, you need to know that your kids-in-tow are safe and having a great time, enjoying some time out of the house.

Evolutions won best of annapolis child care


Winner of 2019 Best of Annapolis
Best Childcare

Kids Lounge

Evolutions Kid’s Club offers a space for older kids, ages 5-10. The Kids Lounge allows 5-10 year Kids club at Evolutions Annapolis Health Clubolds to have their own area to “hang out,” away from the babies and toddlers.

The Lounge includes:

  • Wii games
  • Board games
  • A whiteboard for doodling
  • A homework, craft and coloring station
  • Books
  • Legos
  • Lounge area

Regular Hours of Operation

  • Kids club will not open immediately. We will be evaluating our ability to reopen the kids club in the coming weeks.

Monday – Thursday: 8:30 am – 1:30 pm and 4:30pm – 7:30 pm
Friday: 8:30 am – 1:30 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am – 12:30 pm
Sunday: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

See What our Members say about Kids’ Club on Yelp

“As a mother of two children under 5, I highly recommend this gym because the childcare staff is amazing. They are warm, caring, attentive, and professional. The childcare area is very clean, in terms of both organization and sanitation. I enjoy the classes here, but I remain a member here due to the childcare. I know that my children are being supervised properly, and what’s more-they are happy when I return, and don’t mind being there. That helps me attend classes regularly. Well done, Evolutions!”

– Malia F., Crofton, MD


Kids’ Club Guidelines

At Evolutions, our Kids’ Club staff consider safety our number one priority. Next we prioritize making sure your kids have a fun time while visiting with us! We have designed a series of guidelines to provide for a fun, comfortable, and above all, safe place for your children.


Our Kids Club is strategically placed in the center of our facility with child safety locks on both doors. The area is monitored by Kids Club staff during operating hours. The entrances in the facility are monitored by staff and all other doors are locked for the safety of your child.


No children are permitted in the adult area of Evolutions. Before and after you check your child out of Kids Club you are responsible for your child. The Evolutions staff is always concerned for the safety of all children. If at any time our staff sees a child roaming alone in the facility we will approach them in a friendly manner and attempt to find a parent. Please make sure you know where your child is at all times. For the safety of our clients and your child please have your child walk to and from the Kids Club. When leaving the facility please do not allow your child to enter the parking lot without your supervision due to it being a high traffic area.
For the safety and enjoyment of every child, the following action will be taken if a child hurts or acts in a manner not conducive to the well being of other children.

  • The child will be placed in a time-out space.
  • Staff will complete a written review on the child’s activity for their file.
  • Staff will inform the child’s parent of their behavior.
  • If a child is given a second written review the staff reserves the right to put the child on probation for up to 30 days (no refunds provided).
  • Staff members reserve the right to refuse a child’s access to the Kids Club for repeat violations.

Drop Off and Pick Up

  • Parents and children should enter through the main entrance of the building, check in at the front desk, and proceed directly to the Kids Club.
  • All children will need to be signed-in at the Kids Club. Upon all inaugural visits, parents will be provided with paper work to be completed for their children.
  • The Kids Club is available only for children whose parents are using the facilities and not permitted to bring friends or relatives. You must remain in the club the entire time your child is in the Kids Club. The maximum amount of time your child may spend in the Kids Club is two (2) hours per day.
  • All Children must be wearing a fresh diaper and be fed before visiting the Kids Club. Staff will not be responsible for changing diapers or feeding children. If a child’s diaper is to become soiled, a staff member will locate the parent for changing. Food and drinks will not be permitted in the Kids Club due to severe allergies that some children may have. Water is permitted in spill-proof containers only.

Space Allocation

Kids Club staff continually monitors the staff to child ratio to ensure appropriate attention to all children. Kids Club staff at their discretion may refuse entry of children based on space allocation. Please consider times of the day and days of the week when visiting the Kids Club to ensure that space will be available for your child.

Fire Drill Procedure

In the event of an evacuation of the facility, our staff will be responsible for leading children to the designated safety zones. These will be posted in the Kids Club.

Personal Belongings

Children are permitted to bring one personal item. Toys may not make any type of loud noise, and cannot be a distraction to other children in the club. Evolutions staff may at their discretion ask a child to put away any toys that become a distraction to other children. Please mark any personal items with a name.

Restrooms and Locker Rooms

There is a family restroom located just outside of the Kids Club. Please make sure your child has used the restroom prior to entering the Kids Club. In the case of an emergency a staff member will escort your child to the restroom. Staff members are not permitted to accompany any child into the restroom. Children should only use the family restroom located outside of the Kids Club. In no instance should any child over the age of two be permitted in a locker room of the opposite sex.

Sickness Policy

The good health of our children is critical to all of us. We request that no children enter the Kids Club if he or she has a rash, diarrhea, cough, fever, and/or has been vomiting during the past 48 hours. The program staff reserves the right to refuse access to children who show any signs of illness. If your child has been confined at home with a communicable disease or extended illness, a note may be requested before your child is allowed to return to the Kids Club. Re-admittance is at the discretion of the Kids Club staff.


Kids Club staff may not administer medications of any kind.

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Kids Club Unlimited Access

$40 for one child. $10 each additional child. /month
  • This option for Members Only
  • 2 hour maximum per visit
  • Babies and toddlers play area
  • Older kids aged 5-10 lounge/play area
  • Adult supervision
  • All games, Wii, toys, crafts, whiteboard included
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Kids' Club Drop Off

$6 per visit/month
  • Pay as you go
  • Babies and toddlers play area
  • Older kids aged 5-10 lounge/play area
  • Adult supervision
  • All games, Wii, toys, crafts, whiteboard included
Contact Us to Book