Evolutions Annapolis Earns MINDBODY Visionary Award

on September 11, 2018 by Evolutions

Thanks to the dedication and loyalty of our members throughout our 17-year history, we are thrilled to announce that Evolutions Annapolis has been honored in the inaugural MINDBODY Visionary Award.

This nationally-recognized award is given by MINDBODY, the leading technology platform for the fitness, beauty and wellness industries in recognition of business excellence.

“The MINDBODY Visionary Awards are our way of celebrating the businesses owners we serve, for both their success and for how they translate that into helping their communities live healthier, happier lives,” said Rick Stollmeyer, MINDBODY CEO and co-founder. “Connecting the world to wellness starts in our own backyards, and our honorees deserve to be recognized for their commitment and achievements.”

“Achieving a Visionary Award is an exciting way to be recognized nationally for the work we do within our Annapolis community.” said Evolutions co-founder and owner, Erin Horst. “It’s important to remember, we are not perfect. We are ever-evolving, as we practice and improve over time. It’s encouraging to achieve national recognition of the work along the way, and this award provides encouragement for all of us to keep growing.”

Evolutions was founded with the intention of creating an enjoyable place for people to thrive, work, flourish and become fully who they were meant to be. In return, a happy, highly-qualified, well trained and well-cared for staff creates a pleasurable experience for all who walk through the door of Evolutions. We believe in creating the most valuable services we can at the most competitive rates. We believe in treating the whole persona and not just the body.

Thank you for your loyalty over the years, which helps put the work we do on the map nationally. It’s because of our members that we are able carry on bringing health and wellness the Annapolis community.

About Evolutions

Evolutions Annapolis is more than a health club. It is comprised of a group of highly trained individuals who have dedicated their careers to helping others become and stay healthy. We offer a non-intimidating environment to begin your journey or continue your journey to health. We invite those on a purposeful journey to wellness and vitality.

About MindBody

MINDBODY, Inc. (NASDAQ: MB) is the leading technology platform for the fitness, beauty and wellness industries. Local entrepreneurs worldwide use MINDBODY’s integrated software and payments platform to run, market and build their businesses. Consumers use MINDBODY to more easily find, engage and transact with fitness, wellness and beauty providers in their local communities. For more information on how MINDBODY is helping people lead healthier, happier lives by connecting the world to fitness, beauty and wellness.