Elizabeth Lacombe

Elizabeth Lacombe

Group Fitness Instructor

Elizabeth has always been physically very active.

Although she developed an appreciation for all sports, riding horses combined her love of animals with her love of competition.  The discipline of competing in both hunter and jumper classes were challenging and joyful experiences requiring strength and fitness.

Elizabeth found that her success as a competitive rider, was directly related to consistent personal training.  Mentally and physically, the personal training was so important that she began to consider physical fitness as a career path.  It became an even more obvious choice when she was diagnosed with late-stage Lyme disease.

After attending the College of Charleston, Elizabeth endured two years of IV antibiotics, bouts of cancer and periods of complete bed rest.  All the while she managed to get her ACE certification and train clients in their homes, rehabilitating her own mind and body at the same time.

In an effort to fully recuperate, Elizabeth pursued Pilates and credits Pilates with bringing her to a healthier state.

Today, helping others enjoy fitness and lead healthy lives makes Elizabeth tick.  As an ACE-certified personal trainer with a specialty in senior fitness and as a Power Pilates certified instructor, Elizabeth continues to successfully help her clients achieve their goals.